Little Wonton is one of the latest hits located in Bangsar. The restaurant offers a variety of wonton dishes, both weird and wonderful. It is simply a great place to get a dine with the cosy environment as well as it is a restaurant with the great Chinese feel in it.

– The Team-

The restaurant is simply well located at Bangsar which provides a great and a cheaper range of wonton meal there. Little Wonton serves a variety of wonton from the savory wonton to the sweet wonton which is simply not to be missed. We are our way now to grab the taste of the wantan one by one starting with the savory to the sweet item.

– The Mushroom Wonton-

We have a great time to try off with the Mushroom – Onion –Cream Cheese wonton where the wonton is being served in the soft cheesy mushrooms with crunchy onion silvers. The wonton is well simply savory with the crispy skin at the outside and in the inside the taste is simply savory with the minced mushroom, onion and cream cheese in it.
Price: RM 1.30/ each wonton

We also get to try another savory wonton which is the Chicken sausage, tomato and cream cheese where the fillings are being stuffed with the classic chicken hotdog and it is then being wrapped with the wonton skin. This is amazingly lovely with the crispy skin and juicy and hot piping sausage in it.
Price: RM 1.30/ each wonton

As for the sweet wonton, they do have the peach flavors where the wonton filling instead of the chicken meat, they have it with the sweet savory peach in it. The taste is simply good and delicious and what I love the most is the wonton is not too sweet and it really give a great blend of taste.
Price: RM 1.30/ each wonton

– The wontons-
We tried a few more types of wonton, and one of my favorite wonton is also the apple cinnamon as well as the banana peanut butter which gives a new blend and flavors which is very special to the usual wonton we had.

-Charcoal noodle in Tom Yam Soup with Onions-
-Charcoal noodle in Tom Yam Soup with Onions-

Besides the wonton, they do have noodles to be served with it as well, Ibe id it is the Charcoal noodle in Tom Yam Soup with Onions. The delights are simply amazingly good where the charcoal noodles are being served with the spicy tom yum flavours. The taste is not too spicy but it gives a great blend of taste which is scrumptious.
Price: RM 4.90

 Deal with Chop Chop 

You may download the link from Chop Chop

Collect 5 chops and get Free 1 Flavored Wanton ( 6 pieces) with Chop Chop

* Collec 1 Chop for every set meal @ RM 17 spent in a single receipt you may entitled to 1 chp and the rewards is valid for redemption during the next visit.

Little Wonton,
09, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2202 2613
Email: [email protected]


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    That is a lot of wanton. Sweet wanton is something I’m quite eager to try out. And the presentation looks good. I think I’ll make a trip there dspite how I hate getting a parking bay there..

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