– The Outside View ( Picture Credits to FOODMSIA)-

The Royal Flush is another creation of the famous pub chain Tom, Dick & Harry’s, with the continuous success of other business which is Hoofed, as well as Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam. The Chinese restaurant- The Royal Flush is simply beautiful and the restaurant gives a feel of the Forbidden City in Oasis.

The restaurant is simply beautiful which is amazed when TDH dudes mention that they started on this 2 months back after they agree to venture in another empire of them. The furniture is mostly flown all the way from China and they completed the place before the Lunar New Year.

– The Spring Rolls-

The delights had started with the crispy spring rolls where it is being stuffed with the enoki mushrooms, prawns as well as shrimp paste with it. The taste is simply good and delicious with the crunchy bites on it.

We also have the Cucumber with cashew nut and meat floss on top. The dish brings the crunchy taste from the cucumber with the cashew nuts while the meat floss is simply well done which is just lovely as well. The combination is well mixed together and the taste is delicious as well.

Crunchy taste of the wantan skin wrapped with salmon is another specialty from The Royal Flush. The crunchy taste of the tidbits is distinctively delicious which I wanted to grab more of it. After having the light appetizers, we are moving to more food of the day.

Not only that, we are also served with the crispy and mouthwatering cuttlefish which is good and delicious too.

We started with the Twin Cold Combination which give a good mix of the Steam Oyster with the Japanese wine as well as shell fish. The steam oyster with the Japanese wine is really good where the oyster are fresh and it is being topped with a sliced of lemon in it. It is being served together with the Japanese Mirin Sauce together with it which had made a delicious combination. Aside, there are selfish which is being served together with it where the shell fish are simply fresh and below of the shell fish there are kiwi as well as fresh tomato. The dish is then being served together with the sweet & sour sauce which makes a good combination as well.

Next come the dim sums which are being served in the bucket. The dim sums is simply good and served hot. The three choices of dim sums which are the fishball, siew mai and xiao long bao. Each of it is being served in a small plate which is quite special. The items will be available for lunches once The Royal Flush has starts to operate on 21 January 2013. Each of the item is simply good where the siew mai is very filing with well minced meat together with shrimps. The fish balls are well made too with the chewy bouncy texture. Xiao Long Bao gives a juicy texture which and the soup which is being infused beneath the dim sum is sweet.

Grilled Scallop Bacon is a twist of the western Chinese version of pig in the blanket. This is where instead of wrapping the sausage around the bacon; you will get a huge scallop beneath the bacon. The dish is simply good where it is topped with a light yakitori sauce with it that gives a great blend. It is then furnished with the tip of green colored sauce which is the mint and mustard sauce combination.

Cod Fish come next where the cod fish is being grilled with the chef’s special sauce together with it. The dish is simply good where the fish is well grilled and it is very fresh. The dish brings a great texture and I love it so much. It is then being topped with the onion rings on top which gives a hint of Japanese feel with it.

Grilled Pork Ribs are next being served. The pork ribs are being marinated with the black pepper sauce with it which brings a light hot and spicy taste. As for the meat, it is simply just right on the tenderness and the juiciness of it. I could not say no to it.

Asparagus is being grilled and it is served with the bonito flakes on top. Crispy taste of the asparagus which is simply good and lovely.

Abalone Fried Rice is being served together with bacon and abalone. The fried rice is well fried with the fragrance and served with the fresh delicious abalone. It is just perfectly made and I am totally fall in love with it.

Crystal Peanut Dumpling is where the dumpling are being well served with the filling of black sesame with it and it is being wrapped together with the minced peanuts.

Double boiled bird nest is indeed a good dessert to end the meals. It is served together with white fungus, dates, and sea coconut. I found that the taste is slightly sweet.

Price: RM 1200/ table

They also have the Chinese New Year Menu as below

* All their menu are non-halal and they have no shark-fins in their menu.

Central Piazza,
Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

For booking, kindly contact Tommy – +6012 211 7810 / Jonas +6016 2912 737 to book


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