Chaswood Resources Launches Pinch of Salt Loyalty Card


Chaswood Resources, one of Malaysia’s leading multi-concept casual dining restaurant operators, recently introduced the company’s first ever loyalty card program with the launch of the Pinch of Salt card.

The Pinch of Salt card entitles customers to a number of benefits such as 10 percent rebate on their meals at more than 40 of Chaswood’s restaurant outlets across the country namely,T.G.I.Friday’s, Italiannies, The Apartment, Watami, Bulgogi Brothers, Laundry, Republic, Bedroom, Baci and Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar.

The Pinch of Salt card will be available for purchase at RM40 at any Chaswood restaurants in Malaysia, and comes with a pre-loaded e-voucher value of RM40 that they can immediately use to offset their bill at Chaswood’s many restaurants. As an added benefit, cardmembers will also receive a yearly birthday gift in the form of a RM30 birthday month e-voucher prior to their birth date to celebrate with their friends and families.

Andrew Reddy, Managing Director of Chaswood Resources Holdings Ltd., said “The Pinch of Salt card provides Chaswood with a great way to reward our patrons and give them more value for their money when they dine or have drinks with us. It is also our way of thanking them for their continued support over the years which has allowed Chaswood to be one of the leading food and beverage companies in the region”.

According to Reddy, the Pinch of Salt card is an ideal card for local food lovers as it leverages on Chaswood’s unique position as a multi-concept food and beverage operator. “Unlike other restaurant’s loyalty card program which can be used only at the particular restaurant chain, the Salt card allows its cardholders to receive rebates across Chaswood’s diverse restaurant brands in the country”.

“While many have their favorite restaurants and bars, we know that many customers appreciate variety in their dining experiences and also enjoy a favored place to hang out with family and friends. Whether its American-style food at T.G.I.Friday’s, Italian food at Italiannies, Japanese food at Watami, Korean dishes at Bulgogi Brothers or just enjoying cold beers or speciality cocktails at entertainment outlets such as Laundry, Republic and Bedroom, Pinch of Salt cardholders can enjoy its benefits no matter which Chaswood outlet they go to”, added Reddy.

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