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Mid Autumn Festival is of course a dine with the mooncakes and this year Dynasty Restaurant from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel had their chefs to create a selection of the homemade traditional mooncakes as well as a number of the contemporary ones using the pure and natural ingridients. The mooncakes are available now till 30 September 2012 to filled up the Mid Autumn Festival with the scrumptious mooncakes with families and friends.

Precious Black Tiramisu (竹炭提拉米苏月) is one of the special designed mooncake in the selection. The mooncake is shapped like aces and the delectable sweet taste of the fragrance tiramisu in it. The soft and milky texture of the Tiramisu give me a blend of choco –coffee feeling and it is not too sweet which makes it very good.
Price: RM 23.00 nett

Assorted Nuts and Seed (素食低糖五仁月) is also one of many favorites among the older generation. The mooncakes are cruncy and it is not to sweet too. In order to cater for the market, Chef had specially made the mooncake with the Low Sugar and the mooncakes is for sure a good choice for a gift to the older generation.
Price: RM23.00 net

Shanghai Mooncake with Pandan Lotus Paste and Salted Yolk( 班兰瓜子上海月) which is the older generation favorites. This is where the mooncake is absolutely well made and it is not too sweet as well, We are in love with it where the fragrance of the pandan is strong as well. The taste is overall good and lovely.
Price: RM 22.00 nett

For people who are in addiction of salted egg, you may get a try for the Double Salted Yolks with White Lotus Paste (双黄至尊白莲月) which is well made.The taste is not too sweet which is one of the things I love and with the Double Salted Egg, the mooncake taste even yummier.
Price: RM23.00 nett

Besides the traditional mooncake, we had a lovely indulging Champagne Chocolate (香槟迷你月) which is one of the new item which is released this year. The mooncake is which is lovely made with the sweet bitter and creamy chocolate yolk in the middle.
Price: RM13.50 net

Next, we tried the Almond Mocha Chocolate (摩卡巧克力) which is where the mocha chocolate taste is really umph. The desserts is simply special where the mocha tatse is not too sweet and the chocolate taste is also very pure. There is some bites of almonds in it which makes the overall mooncake very lovely and delicious.
Price: RM13.50 net

Jelly Fruits Gum with Water Chestnuts (马蹄软子月) is one of the speciality of the mooncake. The jelly fruits mooncake is very special where there are a piece of the fruit gums in the middle. The overall brings a great taste with the sweet taste of the paste from the water chesnut and the combination of the sweet fruit gum is quite special and its my forst tume having them as well.
Price: RM13.50 net

For the Snow Skin, they do also served Tiramisu flavors (提拉米苏月) as well. The tiramisu is nothing to shout except for its smooth texture.
Price: RM13.50 net

Green Tea with Walnuts Mooncake (绿茶合桃月) is my favorites too. If you are a green tea lover you will fall in love with it as the taste of the green tea is very strong and it is well mixed with the crunchy walnuts in it. The taste of the grreen tea is very refreshing and the overall taste of the green tea is fabolous.
Price: RM13.50 net

Fruity Durian Paste (金顶榴莲月) is something I would not missed. As I am a durian lover, I am simply falling in love with the Durian Mooncake which is where the D24 mooncake is being used to make the mooncake. The fragrance is not too strong compared to other mooncakes I had but the overall of the Durian taste is good and irrestible.
Price: RM RM13.50 net

These delicious mooncakes will be available from 1 August to 30 September 2012 and sold not only at the Dynasty Restaurant and the mooncake stand at the hotel’s East Wing lobby but also at a mooncake kiosk at Mid Valley Megamall East Lobby (East Atrium Ground Floor).

• Be eligible for a Lucky Draw with purchase of 8 boxes of mooncakes or more.
• 1st prize : 3 days 2 nights stay including breakfast at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa
• 2nd prize : 3 days 2 nights stay including breakfast at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel
• 3rd prize : 3 days 2 nights stay including breakfast at Renaissance Melaka Hotel
• Free delivery to 1 location (within 5km radius) for purchase of 20 boxes or more
• Receive RM10 voucher (valid for 3 months) for every RM100 spent on mooncakes to be utilized at Dynasty Restaurant only

For further enquiries and to place your orders, call 03 2162 2233 or 03 2771 6773 and email at [email protected]

130 Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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