I love Crab and we are happy to be invited to review the restaurant. The place is a great place to enjoy crabs and I am fully amazed with the variety of special sauces which is prepared by Chef in Fei Fei Crab. The restaurant is well located with air-condition inside. When I had step in the restaurant, it is clean and the environment is good too with all their signature food banners in the shop.


Salt Wrap Fish which is called Suet San Fei Wu(雪山飛狐) in Chinese is really amazingly named. The salt wrap fish is where the fish is being covered with the white salt and the fish is a must to be freshly taken from the aquarium to be served. The fish need to be very fresh where the the fish scale is still there. This is because they will used salt to rub over the fish and without the scale it is hard for the salt to be absorb to the meat itself.The fish meat is very juicy as the fish is really freshly made. The fish skin is not eatable and it will be peel off as the skin will be super salty. What is so special is the fish were stuffed with the mix ginger and garlic in the belly before it is coated with the salt and being wrapped with the aluminium foiled and cooked. The dish will need an hour to prepare as therefore, it will be a good recommendation to book the dish to avoid disappointment.
Price: RM 4.50 per100 gram

2012 is a special dish invented from the chef. This is where the dish is served with yam ring, chicken as well as pork rib together. The dish is simply creative and it is one of the signature dish. The dish is served with chunks of butter chicken on top and below will be the sweet and sour pork ribs. It is very special and the combination of it making the overall meal very appetizing.
Price: RM 30.00

– The Milky Crab-

Aren’t the claws BIG?

– The Bread to Dip with the Sauce-

Peanut Butter Crab is a dish which is very special. It is my first time hearing that crab can be served with peanut sauce and the dish is really amazingly done. The crabs are not the small crabs but we are served with the XXL Crabs where the clams are very huge too. The meaty and juicy crab is being stir fried with the peanut sauce creates a special flavor. The texture of the milky sauce covers the fresh crab is indeed making my tummy drooling and the sauce is not too milky and topped with the crunchy peanuts. Combination of sweet and milky taste, I can still grab some bites of the crunchy peanut with it. Chef also served us with the hot buns to served with the Crab sauce which is good too.
Price: RM 55/kg ( purchase with 2012 dish) or RM 68/kg

Lotus Leaf Tofu in Cage (荷叶笼仔豆腐) is a dish which is I say is special where the tofu is smooth and the melts in the mouth. It is served with the Lotus Leaf together and there are also prawns in it. The taste of smooth tofu with the silky smooth egg sauce with it really make a great combination and what impress me the most of the dish is the smooth tofu which is well served.
Price: RM 18.00

Sizzling Plate Seafood (铁板煎加路三鲜) was one the appetizing dish I love the most. I could say the dish is well made with the mixture of prawns, long beans, brinjals, green mussels and bamboo clams. The chilly paste which is cooked together with it is making to get the second bowl of rice. The ingridients neverlessly is fresh and the combination cooking with the greenbeans are making my tummy drolling and wanted for more.
Price: RM 20.00

The Mexican Chicken is where the pieces of chicken isdeep fried with Chef’s own sauce and it is then sprinkled with some cheese flakes on top. Tentalizing meal which I could not missed and the chicken meat is tender in the inside and crispy in the outside made the overall taste even better.
Price: RM 16.00

Two Flavor Japanese Snail (Butter and Dried Chilies) (英央日本螺) is a combination dish of two special delights of snails that are being served. The Japanese Snails where one portion is coated with tasty butter sauce is making the whole meal delicious. Another side, which brings a light spiciness is also taste good and we do not mind having a second bowl with it as well.
Price: RM 30.00

Fried Veggie with garlic (清炒乃白) is also being served together with the rice and there is nothing to shout about as well.
Price: RM 10.00

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant
No 7A, Jala Desa 2/7
Desa Aman Puri
552100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : 03 6272 8659
016 2373794 (NK Tan)


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