The Promotion
Ramadan is coming and it is a week from now and here  Frontera Jaya One do offer Ramadan Buffet. There are so much of buffets around to cater for the Malays from the hotels and more with the authentic Malay Delights. For a change, you may have your Ramadan meal in Frontera Jaya One where the meals are being served with the authentic Mexican Delights. The meals are being served with 12 different starters to choose off with a main course and 6 choices of desserts for just RM 50.00++. It is indeed reasonably priced with the large variety of choices.
The Choices of Food Available

There are 12 choices of scrumptious starters which is indeed tentalizing where I am in love with the tacos, bbq wings, the mexican rice and more.

BBQ Wings
Soup of the Day 

Taquitos de Pollo at  Frontera Jaya One 

 The Choices of Tacos at  Frontera Jaya One 

The Choices of Tacos at  Frontera Jaya One 

Salad at  Frontera Jaya One 

The Salad & The Dressing at  Frontera Jaya One 

Besides that, we are served with the mains and there are a large selections to choose. The portion is indeed good to be served in our tummy and we are really full with the scrumptious delighting menu.

Beef Chimichanga

Another view

It is one of the delighting meal which is served which is the Beef Chimichanga. The delicious burrito with fork-tender shredded beef, fried or baked to perfection is indeed not to be missed in the menu.

Next is the Chicken Chimichanga is where the Tortillas, rice, cheese, machaca, carne adobada or shredded chicken are being mixed together and fold them into a rectangular package.It is indeed a special meal to try as well.

BBQ Grilled Pineapple Chicken is nothing much to shout out where the healthy tender chicken breast meat is being grilled with the sweet sour pineapple slices with scrumptious of vegetables with it. It is not oily and the taste is really nice and healthy too.

If you are a fish lover, perhaps this is your love. The Salmon which is well grilled and not oily too. The salmon meat is fresh with the maple glaze which does turns the meal to be indeed a perfection and I am simply in love with it. The portion is indeed a large one and it is indeed worth for the money too.

Not to forget is the spicy prawn Diablo which is well done with the fresh prawns and served with a side of salad. The prawns were tasty with the spicy marinade.

After tried some of the mains, here we go for the desserts which is also a good one

The Brownies

 The Mexican Flan

Tre Leches Cake

Fiesta De Fruita

Fruit Popslices

Overall the meal is indeed value for money with the spread of buffet on the starters and the desserts.

Price: RM 50++

Frontera Bar &Grill

18-8-2, Block L, Palm Square,

Jaya One

72A, Jalan Universiti,

Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7958 8515

* Pork Free


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      We are not halal certified, as we serve alcohol. No restaurant in M’sia can be halal certified if they servie alcohol. Including hotels :)

      We use halal certified meat & we are pork free.


      Ramesh V
      Frontera Sol of Mexico

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