Bobalicious Smoothies business is indeed blooming and now they have 3 outlets in Klang Valley which is in Tropicana City Mall, Ikano Power Centre and now they have it in Paradigm Mall. The healthy smoothies now is in town bringing the healthy living fresh juices and smoothies. This round we are there again to have a try for nice and authentic delights.

The delights is indeed bringing back me to there to enjoy the smoothies which is not only good and affordable price but it also good for health as well. Why not dropping there for some smoothies.

They have a variety to choose on
1. Cappuccino Fantasy- Cappucino, Roasted Hazelnuts, Oreo with Low fat Milk
Price: RM 9.90

2.Peach Cooler- Peach, Lemon with Yogurt + Low Fat Milk
Price: RM 7.90

3 Berries Blast – Blueberries, Strawberries with Yogurt + Low Fat Milk
Price: RM 7.90

4. Avocado Delights – Avacado, Peach, Banana with Yogurt + Low Fat Milk
Price: RM 10.90

5. Matcha Crunch – Pure Green Tea, Matcha, Oreo with Low Fat Milk
Price: RM 9.90

– The Caeser Salad-

Besides smoothies, Bobalicious also brings you with some western delights as well like pasta and sandwiches. How about enjoying some westerns there as well. We had started our dine today with a Caesar Salad which is indeed a healthy dine to start of our meal. The meatless healthy meal with the greenlicious salads, tomatoes and topped with the crunchy bread croutons is indeed a good combination. The salad is indeed simple delights to start off withh the combinations of tomatoes,egg as well as the fresh vegetables with it with the dressing.The delights is indeed delicious as well.
Price: RM 7.90

Egg Mayo Sandwich is the next item we tasted. The sandwich is indeed a light flavoring desserts as well as it has been layered with ham, cheese, egg and vegetables. I love it so much where the meals is served together with the tortilla chips with it. The ingridients is fresh and the oveerall taste is indeed a good one. As I am a bread lover, I simply love with the sandwiches too.
Price: RM 7.90

Next we had the Bolognese Baked cheese is indeed flavourful with the cheesy taste. The cheese aroma is indeed heavy and it is served with the tomato based taste. I am loving the dish as it is indeed well made with the fragrance cheese smells.
Price: RM 12.90

Chicken Lasagna which is served with the cheese and creamy tomato sauce is also any flavourful dish. The pasta is served with the thick cheese and the chicken meat chunks is what I love the most. The chicken meat is well infused with the taste of the cheese and the tomato taste which is indeed perfect for people who are cheese lovers.
Price: RM 12.90

Turkey Ham Olio is well made where it is light sauteed with the aromatic taste of it. The pasta is well cooked and it is topped with the turkey ham and aglio olio with it. The burst of the taste is indeed flavoring which we love the most as well.
Price: RM 9.90

We finished teh meal with the Tabasco Tomyam Pasta which is well cooked with thick soury spicy taste. The noodles is indeed springy and the overall the taste is indeed appetizing and yet is my all long favorites as well.
Price: RM 8.90

Bobalicious Smoothies,
Lot LG 38,
Lower Ground Floor
Paradigm mall,
NO 1, Jalan SS7/26A
47301 Kelana Jaya.


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