Shanghai Brunch at Shook! is bringing back the glory days of Shanghai where they bring back the glory days of Shanghai and they provide a authentic and excellent dining experience. The Shanghai brunch is bringing the refreshing buffet concept which made for any years including whole family, young and old too. The place is bringing back the richest of the world class cuisines as well as free-flow of champagnes.

The food comes which is being served including Shanghainese, Japanese, and even more. There is a variety of it to starts with. We had started with the authentic Japanese Cuisine which you may get a variety of authentic taste of sushi which includes unagi, tamago, crab maki and many more.

Besides, they also serve us with a variety of sashimi. The have a variety of fresh sashimi which includes salmon, tuna and many more. The sashimi is being served when order to ensure the quality of the food.

Besides the raw stuff, they do serve cooked Japanese food. The yakitori taste good where the chicken meat is simply tender. The octopus and the chuka kurage taste good too.

In Shook!, you may get a taste of the freshness of seafoods, there are prawns, shimmered salmon as well as crabs a s well. The seafood bar provides a variety of assortment besides this.

– Soy Sauce Clams-

Here you may asked the chef to cooked a variety flavor of clams and mixed around with it. We had us too which we had made an order of the “Soy Sauce Clams” which is very good and the clams are very fresh indeed to be tasted. The clams are fresh and the chef’s had made a good taste out of it with the soy sauce.

Next comes, all time favorites for oyster lovers, eat all you can oysters are available for you too. The big oysters are available and you may grab a try of it with a squeeze of lemon.

Gets your tummy drooling to the Shanghainese Feast where you can try all the Chinese Cuisine here without travelling overboard to Shanghai. I just love the uniquely designed open-kitchen conveys the feel of ‘dining without borders’. You can see how the cook cooks in the kitchen and the food is just served around the kitchen

– The chicken , duck and more Shanghai Delights-

– The vegetables, and the fish-

Here you goes with the variety of Shanghainese Delights which includes the Chicken Fritters with Ginger Spice, Crispy Fried Vegetarian Goose, Cold marinated Cucumber in Shanghai Style and many more. We are so temptating with the food and the freshness of the ingridients are there. The food are well cooked and served hot.

Aside, you grab a taste of the Dried meat too.

– The Variety of Dried Fruits-

– The Cheese and the bread-

They also serve a variety of dried fruits where you may serve it together with the variety cheese and buns which had been offered along to the buffet.

How about lamb? The lamb is well made and well bbq till perfection. The meat is tender as well as it is simply flavourful too.

After the heavy feast, lets end our meal with some sweet bites. There are plenty too choose for on the sweet bites. There is a variety of it which you can have inclusive of cakes, Chinese desserts, jellies, and many more.

– The Desserts which you can have lots of cakes-

Looking at it- my saliva had been dropping with the look of the delighting tarts and more.

The chocolate Fountain with the Strawberries-

I just love the Chocolates which is really good. The chocolate is having the creamy taste which I just fall in love with it-

We ended up taking a picture of the waitress which they dress in style of Shanghainese Style.

Overall, the food taste is good and great as well as the ambience and service. Just love it.

Shanghai Brunch
RM 168++ (food only)
RM 268 ++ (free flow champagne, wine)
Noon – 3:30pm, 1 April – 31 December 2012

LG1 Feast Village Starhill Gallery
Starhill Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2719 8330


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