Taiping Ho Chiak is one of the restaurant located at the same row Kayu Nasi Kandar Chow Yang. The shop is decorated alike nyonya house and the walls are decorated with Taiping Lake view. The shop serves a variety of nyonya delights.
Instead of ordering ala-carte, we make an order of set which comes with Ju Hu Char, Hae Kean, Nyonya sweet and sour fish, soup of the day sambal belacan and white rice. All for RM28.00. It is a good choice as we can have variety of food with a small portion.

Hae kean where the prawn are being bartered and deep fried. It is nice when served with chilly sauce. The prawns are a bit to small and it is crunchy.
Taste: 3/5

“Ju Hu Char” or stir fried turnip with julienned carrots and sliced mushrooms is kinda nice. It is served with vege as well as sambal.
Taste: 3/5

Nyonya sweet and sour fish is a nice meal. With the fish cut into pieces and cooked with sweet and sour sauce. The fish is fresh and well made with the nice sweet and sour sauce.
Taste: 4/5
Total Damage: RM 28.00
*Price are subjected to 3% service charge

Restoran Taiping Ho Chiak
28 Jalan SS 2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya,


  1. foodie goodie says

    You can call this place Taipiung Ho Sucks. Biggest mistake of my foodie life was to take important clients to this place on 6th day of CNY. I told my foreign clients all about Yee Sang and confirmed with Kat (one of the owners) before hand. Although they advertised their Yee Sang aggressively, I was horrifed when in front of my clients Kat said that they only serve Yee Sang to large groups!! What nonsense.

    They also did not have otak-otak, pork knuckles, pai tee…so many that I won’t go on. No Yee Sang during CNY? After advertising so aggressively with posters all over thier restuarant. I advise you to BOYCOTT this stupid place.

  2. foodie goodie says

    More on Taiping Ho Sucks…they owners called me and gave some really STUPID explanation that makes things
    even worse.
    Bottom line – this is a restaurant that advertised the YeeSang very aggressively, then did not prepare any!!
    They only had Yee Sang for “Big Groups” when they advertised Small & Bill portions. False advertising, amateurish management…result is innocent customer suffered serious loss of face.

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