Love durian? The delectable taste of durian without any thorns is cannot be found in Sumptuous Desserts. The shop offers the best specialties which are the durian pancakes and durian Hokkaido cake and more.
Sumptuous Desserts is originated from the former air-stewardess Ch’ng Lee Lee. The ex-stewardess had started the business when many of her friends love her delicious durian pancake. Now, the homemade desserts are available in market. The reason behind for Lee Lee to choose durian as the key of her business is because durian is the king of fruit which is where many Malaysians will fall in love with. .

Durian pancake is the signature dessert in the shop. The durian pancake is made from only local durian, mainly D24,101 and clone durian is being used. One of the reason they are using the local durian is because kampung durian is inconsistent in taste. Another reason behind of the local durian being used is because the local durians are sweeter, more solid and not too watery on its filling when combine with the cream.

According to Lee Lee- “The durian pancake is made fresh daily and does not use preservatives as so it is not advisable to keep more than two days. As for the pancakes, each piece of pancake that weighs 30-34g, where 28g is durian and for the cream, they are using the best cream in town- “President”.” The pancake is well made where the skin is thin and it is not creamy like tasted in other durian pancakes. Lee Lee had put the effort to put in the more durian in the pancake where with a bite, you can feel the durian is emerging to your tastebuds and what I love the most is I have a feeling of grabs a bite of the fresh durian without any thorns on my mouth.
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 10 (6pieces)

Hokkaido Durian Cake is another specialty in Sumptuous Desserts. It looks alike like muffin but it is not. The cake is really soft and the fresh durian is at the centre. Once bite, you can feel the durian and cream filling which melts on your mouth.

With the high grade durian, you can smell the durians from afar as well. Besides, durian flavor, you can also have a grab on its Hokkaido Cream Cake as well which the centre is fresh cream not durian.
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM7 for 3 pieces of Durian Hokkaido Cake

Another Durian again? Ya, now is Durian Cream Puff time. This is where the fabulous Durian Puff stuffed with fresh Durian and Fresh Cream. It is best to be served chill from the fridge, as the aromatic Durian Puree melts in your mouth like ice cream. While deliciously tasty, the durian cream puff stands out as being which makes me fall in love with all the Durian dessert.
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM8 for 3 pieces of Durian Hokkaido Cake

If you are not a durian lover, you can have a choice of trying other pancakes as well like the cempedak pancake. Cempedak, another fruit which resembles the jackfruit is another style of pancake which is available here. The cempedak had replaced with durian and the skin also had been added with the cempedak taste as well.

The filling is also having the cempedak filling . Compare to durian pancakes, I still fall in love with the durian pancake compare to cempedak.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM8 for 6 pieces of Cempedak Pancakes

You can also grab the Mango Pancake for a try as well. They also served not only pancakes but you can find jelly and tiramisu there. Lee Lee is also having a plan to open another outlet in Penang and the Singapore outlet will be opening soon as well. Aside, Lee Lee had also had a plan to franchise her business to all over places for durian lovers to grab a bite. If you had any plan on venturing the dessert business, you may contact Lee Lee to discuss futher.

As for now, Durian lovers can grab their durian dessert at the below places around Klang Valley





CH’NG LEE LEE- 012 372 8848
E-MAIL: [email protected]
JASON WONG – 012 299 8848

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