Kedai Makanan Chooi Huan is our usual dine in Teluk Intan. Reason is food here is reasonable priced and food taste is nice as well. The restaurant is usual packed during evening of weekends.

Curry Prawns is one of the order where the curry is thick and served with fresh prawns. There are many prawns as well being served in the meal. The curry Is not the sour type of curry but it is served with thick Indian Style curry paste.
Taste : 4/5

The stir fried vegetables which is nothing special but the vegetables is fresh,
Taste: 3/5

The deep fried fish is not usually you can find them in KL. this is a MUST in Teluk Intan to order for it. It is called as “Muar Hu” in Hokkien and usually the restaurant served it on selected time only. The fish is deep fried till crispy and served together with chilly sauce.
Taste: 5/5

Another food nice here is the kam heung squid where the squids are fresh and cooked in spicy kam heung taste. I really love this dish as it is spicy.
Taste: 4/5

Total Damage: RM 56.00

Kedai Makanan Chooi Huan,
Teluk Intan, Perak
Location 3⁰ 59’ 31.90” N, 101⁰0’07.97” E

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