Along the way to the authentic Gayang Seafood, you may find some local secret recepies along the roadside. The famous of Sabah local food like Kelapa Bakar and Lo Kam. Along there you may spot stalls at the roadsides which served the local food. The stalls are basically very old kind of stalls with wooden panes and not so clean sitting condition and you may spot flies and mosquito flying around sucking your blood. We had made our first time there for this one. Arriving late, Kelapa baker had been sold off and we had lo kam as well as Kelapa pudding.

Kelapa Pudding which is better known for Coconut Jelly aka Pudding . The texture is harder and milky compared to the one in Penang. The taste is nice as well and is much filling.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RN 4.00

Lo Kam a more well known named for seashells basically. The seashells are being BBQ and serve with chilies as we well some lemon. The taste is like having kapar or I can say the size is bigger that’s all. Taste alike
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 12.00

Location: Along the way to Gayang Seafood Restaurant, Innanam

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