Song River Cafe is one of the famous places for stir-fried. Location will be located around Persiaran Gurney. The restaurant is an old banglo with many hawker centres. The visit here this time is enjoying the delighting local delights

One of the famous delights in this shop is the Roast Drumstick. The drumstick is well BBQ till golden brown. The delicious roasted drumstick is well fried with the tenderness of the flashes of the chicken. Aside, the drumstick is also so nice where is BBQ with Honey. Just a word which is simply delighting
Taste : 5/5
Price: RM 5.00

The Spring Rolls and the Lo Bak is one of the famous and specialty here. The spring roll are full of ingridients and is well wrap. The lo bak is nice to dine as well.
Taste : 3/5
Price: RM 10.00

We had the stir -fried from the shop. We did not order much. We ordered some of the specialitst which is the deep fried squids as well as the deep fried mantis prawn. The both deep fried is simply delighting and have a great taste of it. Thumbs Up!
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 10.00

Lastly, we ordered a plate of Bamboo Mussels. The Bamboo Mussels will be simply delighting and the overall taste I can say is nice and cheap.
Taste : 4/5
Price: RM 29.50 for all

Food Type: Non – Halal
Payment Options: Cash

Add: 65, Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact 012 488 8275, 012 408 8345
GPS : N 05⁰ 25.957 E 100⁰ 19.016’

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