Xian Ding Wei again.. This time, we will try some food we had not tried before. So, this time, we headed for some more Taiwanese Delights. Some orders we had is a set of Sweet Braised Squid Set and another will me the Fish with Tomato & Egg Sauce.

The delighting meal will be start of with the Sweet Braised Squid Set. The set comes with a soup, a rice and some prickles. As for the Sweet Braised Squid Set, the food is kinda too sweet and not really delighting.

We also ordered the Fish with Tomato and Egg Sauce. This meal is kinda starchy by looking in it. Taste wise is not that nice and delighting. The taste is normal but food today is all way too sweet.’

As for drinks, we had a order of a Honey-dew Juice which was a refreshing one.

Other than that, we also ordered the Taiwan Beans & Fruit ice. The desserts comes with many kinds of beans which includes green beans, red beans and more and you also can find baked groundnuts in it.A special sweet dessert.

Sweet Braised Squid Set: 2/5
Fish with Tomato and Egg Sauce: 2/5
Taiwan Beans & Fruit ice: 4/5
Honey-dew Juice: 4/5

Sweet Braised Squid Set: RM 19.90
Fish with Tomato and Egg Sauce: RM 18.90
Taiwan Beans & Fruit ice: RM 5.90
Honey-dew Juice: RM 6.90

* All price shown does not include of 10% service charges & 5% government tax

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