Meal @ Lot 10 Food Junction

Lot 10 had opened its food juction where you can find the nice food in town. The food juction had been visited by a famous Hong Kong food critics – Choy Lan. This time, i am there to try some of the food there.

I had ordered a Tomyam Seafood Glass Noodles.It is being ordered from the stall ” THAI CORNER & MINI WOK”. The Tomyam Seafood Glass Noodles is below par. Perhaps the noodles had been over cooked with the tomyam had made the soup taste akward. The taste is totally unacceptable and i could not even complete the meal. Haiz


Next, is dear order. He ordered his cooked Fish Porridge from the stall HON KEE FAMOUS PORRIDGE. The overall all taste is not bad and the fish is kinda fresh. Overall, is nice and yummy as well.

Tomyam Seafood Glass Noodles:1/5
Cooked Fish Porridge:3/5

Tomyam Seafood Glass Noodles: RM7.20
Cooked Fish Porridge: RM6.20

Lower Ground
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

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