Anniversary in Shogun Japanese Restaurant, 1-Utama

Our first anniversary, our dinner is in the Shogun Japanese Restaurant which is serving Japanese Buffet. I had come across many reviews on the restaurant itself, some say nice and some say not. So, we came to try on this to see if its yummy not. As no photography allow at the counter, so we did not take any from there but we just took the pictures of the food we ate.

The restaurant is located at the New Wing in 1-Utama. It is just a few blocks away from S&J Shop. There is a special promotion this month and perhaps next month for the shop anniversary. Em, from my notice the food here not seems to be a Japanese Buffet but is more on “INTERNATIONAL“buffet style more.

There are Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Western and more you can find there. The food varieties are kinda much but are a pity they serves only Normal Nestle Ice Cream. It’s time to grab the food now.. Now is time for food. Oh ya, when we had a sit, they serves us with Suki yaki but we decline for this as our motive is not on Sukuiyaki but others.. haha..

Sushi bar is not many but you can find a variety of sushi there. The sushi is not much nice as the rice does taste nice at all. It is much better than Sushi Station but comparing with Zanmai, I still prefer the sushi for Zanmai. The overall choices are many but the food taste and quality is not really delighting.

Next we are going for more food, the tempura is our choice since this is the most yummy one among all. The taste of the tempura over all is quite delighting. The tempura is both dear and mine choice and we really take a lot of it.

We also have some try on the local cuisine like the Chinese style food- fish, chicken, duck and more. I also tried the Thai delights. The overall taste is ok but not too say extreme delighting and yummy. The choices are not much and the taste is not above par as well.
We snap all the food we took where varieties of Chinese, western and all. But the overall meal is not as what I expects and is below par.

Taste: 2/5
Price: RM 63 ++
Dinner on Saturday & Sunday
Weekend discount: 15% for dinner promotion

Lot S335A, 2nd Floor OVAL,
1-Utama Shopping Complex,
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03—7726 3770

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  1. Aishah says

    I had buffet dinner last year at One Utama outlet.
    All the foods are just awesome and delicious and fantastic.
    Am bringing my family again next week…..

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