A Malay Delights in SG Kari Kelapa Ikan

Having not much idea on what to have, we headed to SG Kari Kelapa Ikan. SG not for Singapore but it is Sri Gombak. The shop is actually a Malay shop which serves Malay food like nasi lemak and all. As so, this time, i went for Kari Kepala Ikan while dear choose for Tomyam

The Kari Kepala Ikan is indeed a superb meal and the taste is simply yummy and delighting. The curry was simply nice and the fish was also fresh. This make me in love in the meal.

The tomyam was great too. The tomyam taste was simply spicy but the seafood is a bit not to fresh. The tomyam is still yummy and the seafood is still acceptable. Overall the taste is nice and yummy.

Dear also ordered the ABC. The ABC taste is not bad. But kinda sweet.

Kari Ikan : 5/5
Tomyam Seafood: 4/5
ABC: 3/5

Kari Ikan : RM 3.50
Tomyam Seafood: RM 6.00
ABC: RM 4.00
Rice: RM 1.50

10-12, Jalan SG 1/18,
Taman Sri Gombak,
68100 Batu Caves,

Tel: 03-6189 3657

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