Tea Time @ New World Park

New World Park is another place for a delighting meal. This time back to Penang, another exploration on meal will be at the Swatao Lane or New World Park. A meal not to be missed is the Ais Kachang which is one of the favorite.

Me and dear ordered a few tasty bites from the stalls. One of it is the Fish Ball Tang Hoon ( Stall 102-H-22). The tang hoon soup with the Saitow Fish Ball. The soup was nice and the fish ball is also very superb. The combination of the tanghoon soup which the fish ball makes it no 1.

As for dear, he ordered the char koay teow. The char koay teow taste not bad and the prawns is kinda cheap. A nice and a delighting one as well.

Lastly, a order of Ais Kachang. Er..this one.. though it was listed as the best Ais Kachang but for me and dear is just a normal one. Not too nice or delighting. A normal Ais Kachang to taste only.

Fish Ball Tang Hoon: 5/5
Char Koay Teow: 4/5
Ais Kachang: 2/5

Fish Ball Tang Hoon: RM 3.00
Char Koay Teow:RM 3.50
Ais Kachang:RM 2.00

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