Rosemary Bites, a place of wonders of American food.. where you can find the home made delicious food. The restaurant is opened by a lovely husband and wife, the Ooi family. I had received the invitation from the lady bos, Fung Shin for a food review. Firstly, thanks for the invitation.

The food here is basically a homemade meal with a reasonable pricing. Homemade Lasagne, Georgia Roast Chicken, South Beach Fish and Chips and grandma’s apple crumble are some of the signature classic dishes in Rosemary Bites.
In addition, they have dishes that are ‘inspired’ by different states and cultures in the states, that we called them ‘Culinary Inspiration”.
For example San-Francisco Miso-Honey Salmon is based on the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden-Gate Park, Grilled Sirloin Steak with G-Sauce is inspired from Manhattan,

Not to talk much on it, the restaurant is located in Aman Suria which is the same row as the Famous Kayu. You may see the shop easily as it is located along the road.

We started being served with the Garlic and Bread in a basket. The garlic bread is really nice and delighting with the smell of garlic. The bread is not extremly strong in garlic smell but the smell is simply reasonable

Next is Soup of the day where they served an authentic mushroom soup. The soup is not alike those in malls which uses the can mushroom soup but the mushroom soup here is home made mushroom which is purely made of mushroom only. The mushroom soup is simply nice and delighting and once you sip it, you will definately in love with it

The Rosemary Drink is my first time having them. Is the signature drink of the shop. Therosemary drink is a drink with a sweet and nice smell of rosemary taste. A perfect combination with the main course as well. The sip of it is a bit sour due to the lemon smell and smells nice with the rosemary


The cook recomended us a MUST meal which is the honey Miso salmon. The dish not to be missed. The salmon is being marinated in the lemon coper and fish herbs with the Hollandaise and is served with the potato chips and fresh salad. The taste of it is really authentic where there is no fishy sme. With the combination of the sauce had make it even delighting. The meal is really thumbs up as the fish is fresh as well

As for dear, he ordered the black pepper shirlion steak. Black Pepper Shirlion Steak is grilled to perfectionist and topped with the favorite black pepper sauce served with fresh saad and fries. According to dear, is a big thumb up as the black pepper is not too spicy as well and with the combination of thhe special sauce ” Gorgonazola Sauce” ( a sauce which have a thick creamy taste ) makes it even taste nicer and yummy.

Carol ordered the Classic Lagsana where the lagsana comes with the layer of pasta meat sauce and mozarella, chedder and paramasen cheese. A combination which like make from heavean. No other words from Carol except ” OISHI.. FANTASTIC.. and Last word Ho Chak!!”

We are also served with a cafe latte, a espresso with steamed milk foam with the thick aramo coffee beans from Itallian Bends. The fantastic coffee is well blended and the taste of the coffee is UMPH.. and is really a thick coffee but slightly bitter

Lastly, we are served with a delighting fresh baked from oven dessert- The Grandma Apple Crumber with Ice Cream is really fantastic. This delights is available during weekends. The nice delighting hot apple crumber with a cold vanilla ice cream added ontop is really a perfect match, The taste of it making me falling in love with it. The authentic taste with not too sweet makes is a perfect matcg

The shop also caters for occations like parties and company dinners. other than that, what i love the most is the service. The service was great and they have the call service where you may call for order your food via phone and you may opt to collect or eat in.. The excellent service with a good combination of food.

Thumbs UP!! and i can say the environment is nice and cozy as well . We also snap the lunch promotion for sharing

For more info, you may log in to their website for their new food and promotions:

Garlic and Bread in a basket: 5/5
Mushroom Soup : 5/5
Classic Lagsana
Black pepper shirlion steak: 4/5
Rosemary Drink: 5/5
cafe latte: 5/5
Honey Miso salmon: 5/5
The Grandma Apple Crumber with Ice Cream: 5/5

Garlic and Bread in a basket= RM5.80
Mushroom Soup : RM 5.90
Classic Lagsana: RM 12.90
Black pepper shirlion steak: RM 25.00
Rosemary Drink: RM3.00
cafe latte: RM 8.90
Honey Miso salmon: RM19.80
The Grandma Apple Crumber with Ice Cream: RM5.90

Location :
Rosemary Bites Restaurant,
A-G-28, Block A,
Jalan PJU 1/43,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7805 2088


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