Rosemary Bites (Revisit)

After my first dining there at Rosemary, I could not resist to go for another time as the food in Rosemary keep running in my brain. As so, we went there again for dinner. Rosemary Bites is located at Aman Suria and the restaurant is opened not long by a lovely couple. The couple is so friendly and they are really give us a feel of home when we are there. What is nice about this restaurant is all the food are freshly made and the sauces are homemade and thus make the food tastier.

This time, we had a different food comparing our first visit. Why? As we can blog more different choices of food in this restaurant. We ordered the Garden Fresh Salad as for a starter. The recommended house salad, tossed with their signature vinaigrette is one of our choices. The portion is quite big as well and you may find fried slice chicken on top of it. The taste is kinda delighting.

Carolynn who was joining us for meal ordered the Black Pepper Chicken. The chicken breast is simply tender and it is lightly breaded and fried, topped with our black pepper sauce. The delighting black pepper chicken also being served with fresh salad and mashed potatoes makes the meal even more delighting.

As for me, I am thinking to try the signature dish which the theme is Rosemary. The Rosemary Roast Chicken is my choice. The grilled chicken with fresh herbs and extra-virgin olive oil is simply yummy and it is served with fresh salad and mashed potatoes.

As for drinks, a choice of this visit will be the Old Fashion Lemonade which is simply a lemon taste of the drink. A nice refreshing drink!!

The Cappuccino which was freshly made is also delighting. Giving us a awaking night with the Espresso adding with the steamed milk and 1/3 of foam. The combination was perfect.

Last but not least, we had a Chocolate Brownies to end the meal. The chocolate Brownies was superb with the nice delighting chocolate below and the delighting ice cream on top. With the combination of hot and cold it makes me indulging with the superb meal.

Garden Fresh Salad: 4/5
Black Pepper Chicken: 5/5
Rosemary Roast Chicken: 5/5
Old Fashion Lemonade: 5/5
Cappuccino: 5/5
Chocolate Brownies: 5/5

Garden Fresh Salad: RM 9.80
Black Pepper Chicken: RM 15.90
Rosemary Roast Chicken: RM 15.90
Old Fashion Lemonade: RM 2.80
Cappuccino: RM 6.90
Chocolate Brownies: RM 7.90

Rosemary Bites Restaurant
A-G-28, PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 PJ Selangor,

For Reservation : 03-7805-2088


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  1. RosemaryBites says

    Thank you so much for the review !! Most importantly, we're glad you had enjoyed a heartwarming meal @ Rosemary Bites ! :)

    Cheers from all of us @ Rosemary Bites !

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