Yummy and delighting Chendol- Penang Road Chendol

After about 1-2 months not in Penang, I had found the authentic my favorite Penang Road Chendol has their branches in many places in Penang. The Penang Road Chendol, the original stall is located at along Penang Road had a small little branch beside the coffee shop which they have the stall there,

The stall is still remains there but you can sit down in the coffee shop without paying extra RM 0.50 to have an enjoyable yummy chendol. Not much to say except for one word on the Penang Road Chendol.

Nice and yummy.

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.70

Penang Road Chendol,
Off Jalan Penang,

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