Pasembur at Batu Lanchang Market

Ho Chak had reviewed this stall before and this time I went with dear to get a try of Pasembur here. The Pasembur here is simply nice. Having a fresh vegetables like cucumber and mengkuang, they also have a add on choices for customer with the nice jelly fish.

It is actually another word of Rojak for Malays except the ingredients maybe slightly different. It comes with cucumber, taufu, taukua, heh chi ( which is fried prawn crackers) and jelly fish. You can choose for spicy one or non – spicy one as well

Prices is around RM 3 – RM 5 depending what are the add on you like to add the size of it.

Price: Various ( RM 3 – RM5)
Inside the Batu Lanchang Market, Penang

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