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My pre birthday celebration is with Carolynn, dear and his cousin. Since, I am the member of Kim Gary, I am entitled for a discount of 50% during my birthday week. So, we headed to the one in The Curve for our meal,

Lets see what are the dishes we ordered. We started with the French Toast which is simplifying delighting. The french toast is a bread which is toast which peanut butter. After they had toasted them, they will add them with honey and some butter on it. The taste is simply delighting with the sweet honey and combination with peanut butter.

Besides, Carolynn ordered the Shanghai Soup Noodles with Shredded Pork. Usually i love the vegetarian wan tan noodles but this noodles taste is not bad as well. The noodles is the same as the usual one i took and the differences is on the ingredients it self

Besides that, dear ordered the French fries in Special Mix Flavour which taste not bad as well. The French fries is well fried and added in with seasonings. The seasoning is nice as well as the flavor was delighting as well. The seasoning is a bit spicy which makes it more delighting as well.

As for his cousin, he ordered the Sizzling Norwegian Salmon Set which indeed the big one as well. It added with nice fresh salmon as well as there are seafood around it and it served in the simply hot hotplate. Oishi desu.. by looking at it. According to his cousin the meal is simply delighting and taste buds wise is simply nice.

Dear ordered the Flamming Combo with Rum Hot Plate which is also served with Hot plate. This comes with a pork rib as well as there is some chicken meat and the sweet cone sizzling as well as other ingredient as well. This is really a big set which i think i can eat them for 2 meals.

Here comes mine at last which is the Country Set. The country set is a set which is the one which comes with simple ingredients and can say is a bit similar to breakfast set 😛 . It comes with ham as well as fries, sausage and an egg with the black pepper sauce added on to it. The meal is simple and yet delighting.

Carolynn ordered another small delights which is the shredded coconut and peanut toast where it is a toast of peanut with added coconut on top of the toast bread. This one is simply very sweet for me.

Now comes to some simple delights which is the Kiwi Snow Melon which looks simply green and nice.

Other than that we also have a red bean snow melon which is also nice where u can see the red beans all over the smoothies

We also able to snap the soup which is inside the set . One is the creamy soup and another one i am not too sure what soup is it.

Last but not least, we also ordered Kim Gary famous HK Nai Cha ( Tea) which is really delighting

We also ordered my favorite Honey Pomelo Tea. The Honey Pomelo Tea is simply delighting which i can say the tea was oishi desu. also ordered my favorite Honey Pomelo Tea. The Honey Pomelo Tea is simply delighting which i can say the tea was oishi desu.
Fresh Lemon Honey with Aloe Vera:5/5
Red Bean Snow Melon:3/5
Kiwi Snow Melon:4/5
Country Set :3/5
French Fries in Special Mix:5/5
Sizzling Norwegian Salmon Set:4/5
Flamming Combo with Rum Hot Plate:4/5
Soup Noodlw with Shredded Pork:3/5
French Toast :5/5
Shredded Coconut & Peanut Toast :2/5
Honey Pomelo Tea:5/5

Fresh Lemon Honey with Aloe Vera: RM 4.90
Red Bean Snow Melon: RM 4.50
Kiwi Snow Melon: RM 4.50
Country Set : RM 14.90
French Fries in Special Mix: 5.50
Sizzling Norwegian Salmon Set: RM 22.90
Flamming Combo with Rum Hot Plate: RM 24.90
Soup Noodlw with Shredded Pork: RM 6.90
French Toast : RM 4.50
Shredded Coconut & Peanut Toast : RM 5.50
Honey Pomelo Tea: RM 3.90

* price charges inclusive of 10% service charge

TEL: 03-7727 8908

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