Dim sum in Maxim Dim Sum (美食之家茶餐楼) @ Taman Pekaka, Penang

Maxim Dim Sum which is located at Taman Pekaka can said to be one of the most famous dim sum shops in Penang. This dim sum shop is usually packed during weekends. We get this opportunity to go there for dim sum on our Penang journey since is open on Monday. So, this time I went there wif mum and dad as well as dear.

This meal can say is a full full filing meal and is the most we ordered since everytime I went with mum and dad will just have a litte only. The shop of dimsum , I love is because they don served much pork in their dim sum but more on those seafood like shrimps and fish balls.

We ordered dim sum which inclusively like fish balls, siewmai, ha kau, ha kuen and more.. which is really oishi desu and nice. Furthermore the texture of the food is really oishi. Not to compare with Fu San itself. We took a number of dim sum which includes fish balls, shark fin ha kau and more which is really tempting and oishi.. Dim Sum includes buns as pao-pandan lotus pao, red bean pao, barbeque pork pao, large pork pao, dumpling and rice rolls with ingredients of chicken, pork, prawns and vegetables, egg tart, hong kong style custard bun, rice porridge, fried rice, stir-fry noodle, fish balls, cheong fun, glutinous rice rolls amongst many other types and many more .

Furthermore I can say that there are more than a varieties than you may expects from the local traditional dim sum till fancy mancy dim sum.. emmm… can’t wait to grab each taste of all.

As dear, love Fried dim sum, we ordered some to try. The fried dim sum is also quite nice. Only thing is some are not that crispy enough but overall the tastes is quite good .

I love the chee cheung fan the most. The HK chee cheung fan taste nice and the prawns are fresh, The overall taste of it is superb and delighting as well. We can say is a umph!! to have them.

Other than dim sum, we ordered the others like a must- de char siew pau which is simply delighting and oishi. The char siew pau’s skin is not too thick but is more concentrated on the ingredients inside rather than the outer layer. Overall I love it very much. Oishi.

Overall the taste is oishi..

Opening hour: 7am until 2pm
Food Ratings: 4/5
Price: Reasonable
Bangunan Lip Sin
2-G-11 & 12 Lebuh Pekaka 1, Sungai Dua, Gelugor
11700 Pulau Pinang


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