Sushi Delights @ Zanmai Sushi, 1-Utama

If you are in 1-Utama, The Gardens or even Sunway Pyramid, you can see this restaurant is always in queue for its sushi. This is where? It is Zanmai Sushi which is situated at the 1Utama shopping complex which is my first destination of sushi among all. This time, we went here for Carolynn birthday meals.. as we are thinking to grab a meal of Japanese food.

The location of the restaurant is on the New Wing of the complex itself nearby the Parkson as well as MPH book store. Every month, i can say the restaurant is furnished for a new special promo which is the Lobster fever for the month of August. So, you are able to find a different taste of meals and favorites according to the weekly promo. So, after waiting for 10-15 minutes, we headed for a meal liao.. we get our seat eventually due to a high volume of visitors and customers.

Let’s come with ordering now… haha.. the menu was nice too.. which a systematic ordering style adn you can find them in pages with the cooking method or can say themes.. like rice, sushi, and bla bla bla. ..

So, we started with the order of the Kitsune Ramen. This is Carolynn recepies which this Ramen is smoothly cooked Ramen and the taste is simply nice and delicious. The ramen is smooth and the soup is nice and superb. Kitsune Ramen can say is much more than recomended.. and the soup taste is simply soothing…

We also ordered Kanimayo , Oshinko as well as Ebiko as well. Other than that, we ordered the on belt sushi which is overall can say is simply nice.

Kanimayo is it’s basically maki with cooked crab stick chopped into smaller pieces and being wrapped. The taste of the crab stick is simply nice.

We also ordered dear favorite sushi which is the ebbiko.. which is warp with the fish eggs and the taste is simply nice.

besides that, we also ordered Assorted Sushi which i can say they provide us with a few varities of sushi in a set which the price is a bit cheaper than ala- carte. It consist of different sushi from the belt like salmon, unagi, tamogo sushi and more. Everything here is simply fresh and nice.. besides the taste is also fresh… and lovable. I can say there is no regret of waiting.

Besides, we also ordered the Chicken Katsuddon which is some sort of Japanese Fried Chicken Rice. The taste is really nice and yummy.. even though the chicken is being fried i can say you cant even smell the taste of oil or frying taste but the pure taste of the chicken can be tasted and is simply delicious

While waiting I also able to snap the pictures of the belt sushi.. hehe

Lastly the main promo dish which is simply nice arrived in our eyes which is the lobster cheese. Its not seems like Japanese cuisine supposedly i think so** but nevermind as long it is nice.. that’s more than enough. The lobster cheese is served with the lime. and the taste of it is fresh …and i can say the lobster which is so fresh had made the whole meal delicious.

Our meal had ended up with the cheese lobster and before we leave i also snap the napkins which is being served. Overall is a nice and delighting meal and i think the price is reasonable as it is quite similar to Sushi King pricing.

Taste: Overall 5/5
Kitsune Ramen- RM6.80
Kanimayo : RM 5.80
Oshinko : RM 1.60
Chicken Katsudden : RM 8.80
Ebikko- RM3.80
Assorted Sushi- RM23.80
Cheese Lobster- RM 10.80
On belt sushi ( Cream) – RM 1.80
( Black) – RM 4.00

Service Charge of 5% applies
Zanmai Sushi,
SK9A, Second Floor Highstreet,
1-Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7724 2030
Mobile: 012-7712030
Business Hours :
Sun – Thurs – 10 am – 10 pm
Fri – Sat – 10 am – 10.30 pm
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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