Max Gourment Opposite Queensbay Mall, Penang

Max Gourment is a place where I usually go to dine whenever I am in Queensbay.. Queensbay food sometimes is kinda expensive and we need to find alternative which I usually walked out to the shop lots there to have a try.. but Max Collection is my choice since the food here is not so expensive and is nice.

This time, I brought along a few friends and we had a dine in this restaurant again. Chun ordered the Loh Mail Kai.. is a kind of Chinese dumpling style of dim sum.. oh ya, this shop serves dim sum every day no matter wat time if they still have stock availability. The Loh Mai Kai here is really superb and delicious..

The char siew soh and the siew mai is also not bad. It is considered very nice as they have a shop specialist on dim sum at Taman Pekaka which is Maxim. the servings there is really nice and they served more on prawns rather than pork though the portion is a bit small but is real nice

The duck mee is not bad. The dried duck mee taste nicer than the soup one comparable and the portion of the duck is not really big as well. Is still ok for one person who is not a big eater.. ahhaa.

Tomato Fried Rice portion is real big. Chun ordered them and taste wise is real nice. They fried it with tomato sauce and is real a big portion where you can have them for 2 person. can you imagine.. and the taste is not bad.

The Pork Dry Wan Tan Mee is not much different by the duck Wan tan mee. Is just the ingredient on top is pork rather than duck. haha.. but the pork one does not taste real nice compare to the duck wan tan mee.. haha… and I still prefer the duck wan tan mee

Lastly, my order chee cheong fun the HK style and it really surprised me where the prawns are on top of the chee cheong fan. A bit weird. Taste wise is so so.. I still prefer the prawns is inside and the prawns is not so fresh.. hmm…

Overall is cost us about RM 60 for this meal inclusive drinks

Taste: 4/5

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