Ice cream- Flower balsom- Haagen dasz, 1 UTAMA

Went for ice cream at last after I had been bugging dear for nearly a week for ice cream in Haagen Dasz.. So, we went for the one in 1-Utama, since we cant get one in Perak when our trip to there. So, we went there straight after our trip to Ipoh just to have this Flower Balsom Ice cream there at 1-U. comparable the design here is more pro than the one I had in KLCC.

This ice cream cost us about RM 40 and I am entitled for a 5% discount since I have the Ambassador Card. em… a bit not worth since I left about RM 5 in order to get the 10% discount.. haiz.. next time I better look at the T&C first lol.

We can choose the ice cream we wanted as there are 6 scoops for us to choose. I choose of course the Rum & Raisins as well as a Belgium Coffee. While for dear, he chooses the Mango flavor, Macadamia Nuts, and another one we had forgotten.

The ice cream taste however is superb and is worth for that price.. and the service was extreme great as well.
Gosh, I am dying for one more.. but cant take it too often, later bankrupt 😛

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 47.50

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