Dinner at Kluang Station, 1-U

Is Kluang Station again… and this time we had other choices of food. Dear ordered the CIshi Cabin Chicken and an additional rice. The chicken does not comes with rice. Taste wise the chicken is nice but not much meat and mostly the chicken that are used to fry are mostly breast meat which both of us not so prefer but if it is using the drumstick then that’s will be our favorite.

As for me, I ordered the Thai Bihun, the thai bihun is simply nice.. not so spicy but is oishi.. and is had some lemon taste which I love as well the slices of eggs which are being fried and cut into slices is nice too…OISHI…

At last Carol ordered the curry fish rice which is not bad… and is carol favorite, the fish they use is not the durry fish but is other fish and the curry is not so spicy. with added brinjal as well as veges make a good combination of the food.

overall the meal is nice and temptating.
Inchi cabin- 3/5
Thai bihun: 5/5
curry Fish Rice: 4/5
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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