Teluk Intan Chee Cheung Fan @ San Siew Yeh, Teluk Intan( Teluk Anson), Perak

This shop is located near my bf house which is around Taman Ros, and at night since we are too bored at home, we headed to the restaurant which named San Siew Yeh.

I ordered the red bean soup which is nice .. and the taste is very smooth and they had added some extra recepies to make the red bean more smooth to eat. Dear ordered this Fu chok Yi Mai which is nice as well.. and the food here is very fresh.. and nice

As we know Teluk Intan is famous for food especially the Teluk intan (Teluk Anson) chee cheung fan. The chee cheung fan here is special as is not like the one you have in Penang which comes with the sweet sauce and the Prawn sauce or the HK Chee Cheung Fan. The Chee Cheung Fan here comes with a lot of nice oishi ingridients which includes the little prawns and shredded pork. The taste is very nice and is very special.

teluk intan chee cheong fan

It is served with green chilies.The taste is not like the normal chee cheung fan as it covers the whole chee cheung fan and the taste is a bit saltish inside.. and the ingridients is a lot inside.
The mix taste of sour and sweet salty of the preserved green chili really complement the delicacy.

Overall the taste is nice
Rate: 4/5
Price: RM10 for all

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