Halal Yong Tau fu @ SA Restorant, SS2

It was Nurul last day in the company and we had a gathering together at the nearest Yong Tau Fu shop at SS14. The yong tau fu shop here is simply a halal one .. so no pork u can find there.
This shop is mostly popular among the OL around that area and it is mostly pack as well..

Their main selection will be on Yong tau Fu but they also provides other choices of food like fried stir (e.g: Fried Mee, and others). I love the drinks here as it was own cooked herbal tea like Fu chok Yi mai, kekwa and other selection.
Besides that, it is not so sweet which make the taste even nicer.

Pure Kekwa

As for other food is not bad. The taste is nice as you can choose which type of food you like to have. You can choose the ingridients from the menu and they prepare for you . As price wise, is kinda more expensive as usual lo.

We ordered the fried Tang Hoon. I love the fried Tang Hoon as is not too oily and too watery. The Tang Hoon ( Glass Noodles) was well fried with soya sauce and dark soya sauce and they also have prawns inside.. oishi desu .. i love it so much.

The curry chee cheong fan which we ordered I don think is so nice.. as i love the tang hoon more. But the taste is not bad la. Kelly and other collegue ordered them which they says is nice.

The Yong Tau Fu

Lastly here comes the Yong Tau Fu. The Fried and the soup one they seperated them into 2 bowls. which is the dry one and the soup one.
The taste is not bad and the ingridients is well made and nice. Not bad

Overall I can say the food here is not bad

Fried Tang Hoon : 4/5
Curry Chee Cheong Fan: 3/5
Drinks: 2/5
Yong Tau Fu: 3/5
Price: RM 60

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