Yummy Fried Chicken @ Nasi Kandar Cangkat Jong , Teluk Intan

“Nasi Kandar”in the late fifties this rice was sold from baskets with the seller sitting in the middle and he satisfied your orders accordingly.Cheap and good.Today the nasi kandar have shifted to Changkat Jong by his descendants selling from a shop instead. The quality was the same anymore.

This is the shop of the Nasi Kandar .. and this is where dear took me to enjoy the oishi oishi fried crispy chicken which is just up from the burning oil .. and you can see there will be a lot of people will be queuing up to grab a piece of the chicken itself

The oishi fried Chicken is wat we haad.. as u can see the

That’s wat dear makan this oishi oishi chicken rice.. and the rice is served hot as well as mine.. dere.. wat can we say is very oishi and delighting.. we even tap au back so u can imagine how nice is it lo..

Taste: 5/5

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  1. 3dd says

    1st of all, this shop its called KRISHNAN NASI KANDAR… situated along Jalan Changkat Jong Teluk Intan. Indeed the fried chicken its superbly nice as it marinated with their own special spices.

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