Pork Meat Loh Shu Fan @ Restorant Wah Cheong ,Section 17

This coffeeshop is famous for workers around the SS13 and many more. This shop served many types of local food which is kinda delicious. There is wan tan mee, chicken rice, pan mee and more.

As for this time, I had the Pork Meat Loh Shu Fan.. em.. wat can I say is the taste is very nice.. and after having the first bowl.. I cant resist to say I will come again. The texture of the pork ball is nice..and is not like other pork ball which is very rough. The way of his cooking is very nice.. just the portion is a bit small.

The taste wise is very nice as I like the soup which have nice smell of pepper. Much recommended.. oishi desu..

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM4
Kedai Kopi Wah Cheong
Jalan 17/29
Section 17
Petaling Jaya

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