Breakfast @ man wah, Greenlane, Penang

A usual breakfast place for my family besides Yee Hong. The breakfast here is kinda a lot of choices and you can get mostly a lot of nice food here.. Today, we decide to go for .. more food.. haha..

Roti canai

Dad ordered the Roti canai which we haven ate them for ages already. The Roti canai was kinda nice.. and dad says that the gravy is nice just a bit of salty.. and the most the owner is not that stingy on the gravy that should turn out nice. haha… and dad comments is just one .. salty .. and he says is not bad la

As for me I ordered the Padang Pasembur . The Pasembur is real oishi and with an additional of 50 cents I can add jelly fish on it already..hehe… and the taste is nice.. love it so much

Mum ordered the Wan Tan Mee which mum says is very nice and the waiting time is long and the business of this stall is really good. Wat can I say else.. The wan tan mee is really nice.. and if u can see de long queue then it should say oishi liao le ma.. haha

Roti Canai- 3/5
Pasembur: 4/5
Wan Tan Mee : 5/5

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