Curry Fishball @ Pasar Malam SS2

Every Monday there will be a pasar malam @ SS2 and we spotted this after our makan at other places.. and is such a waste.. dear.. next time, we eat here..and taste all de cheap oishi food,.. rather than de restaurants food which is killing our pocket and is not nice sometimes..

That day, we went there for a walk and we had many of a kind of food.. which we spotted with our eyes.. but once we get off de car not long .. rain started pouring and ended up we din manage to catch to taste bits and bites of the pasar malam street food.

Dear spotted this pork curry fish ball which is really very nice and oishi.. the curry is kinda spicy which caught his delights and the pork fish ball is fresh and hot … which had make him even like dem. How he rated them …

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.80

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