Kuai Leng Koh @ Kiong Woh Tong, Sg Wang, KL

I decided to try out the herbal jelly or gwei ling go at Kiong Woh Tong one day in Sungei Wang Megamall.. The herbal tea shop originated from China and has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Nowadays they are located at most major shopping malls and their flagship outlet is at Petaling Street.

This shop is famous for Leong Cha as well as Kuai leng koh.. Besides herbal tea, they also serve herbal jelly known as gwei ling go in ceramic pots (RM6 for a small one). When you order the jelly, they will serve it with a teapot filled with a diluted honey syrup. It needs to be diluted for you to mix it with the bitter jelly. This version is not too bitter and nice as it is chilled. You can also opt to have it warm. Gwei ling go is said to be made from turtle shell which is grinded to a powder hence the name gwei which is cantonese for tortoise.

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