Canton – I @ 1- Utama

What to say is … this mall is incredible large.. ahhahahaa.. is my first time in this mall where I wanna know how to go about the next time I go dere… and I dono how the mall is link from the the new wing and it seems like very cham.. to walk around the mall.. as is not only long but is takai desu

haiz.. and we went to find makan also banyak de susah le… hahahhahaa… and ended de end.. we saw this shop at the old wing.. which seems like banyak orang.. so we went there to have our lunch lol… and I ended the end will be dere enjoying my oishi lunch

Overall the place was real packed.. and the waiting period was kind of fast . while waiting.. I snap some of the pictures inside. is nice place to enjoy your lunch dere.. but the price can say is a bit more expensive then usual restaurants

Here comes our order.. Carol order Goose Rice and it comes with eggs and vegetable .. and Carol said is very nice.. The Goose rice.. Where the slices of meat are more than duck as well as the texture is tenderer. hahahaa… compliments on the goose rice.

As for me I ordered dumpling noodles…and the noodles I don really like.. jus like de dumplings which it comes wif a lot of chopped shrimps inside. In a total, there are about 4 big sui kau inside which full of shrimps.. oishi desu…

Besides, we also ordered some dessert. I ordered the mango pudding which I don think is really very oishi lo. The mango dessert don looks fresh comparable … and I love them as well..

Carol one is really nice… a rainbow dessert which is looks nice and taste nice.. where it comes with few choices of fruits and de color looks lovely.

hahahhahha… overall is a very good place for dining. Yummy.. yummy

when will we be going again … oooo??


Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 58

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