Siam Express: Thai Laksa, Curry Chicken Rice, Water Chesnut wif cempedak

Last Sat, after my 2 hours facial i suddenlly felt hungry and me and irene was thinking wat to eat to makan… since GP has not much things to eat. And ended up @ Siam Express

– Thai Curry Chicken Rice-

So, dono… la.. wat i had makan.. em.. makan.. haiz.. and we saw de promo in front of the shop.. it seems kinda cheap. 8.95 per set. There are not much to choose. .. and the taste is kinda nice. In this, we can had made the order where in this .. one is the curry chicken and another is thai laksa.

Both of it is nice. The taste for curry chicken is not bad.. as well as the curry taste is not really spicy. It has the combination of rice and curry

– Siam Laksa-

Besides, the Thai Laksa is kinda special. In this, the laksa have fishball. Other than that, they seperated the set into 2 where the taste for both is kinda special… one is laksa and the soup. The laksa is different where in this we can see that … the bihun, longbeans and egg. The taste overall is nice .. oishi… and i love the cempedak wif chesnut dessert and i ordered that as well. The taste is ok.. not too sweet as well.. hehhe

Overall it cost me RM 26 fr all
Taste: 4/5

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