JCO donuts

food food food.. hehe.. always in de dilema of food and this time i am in KL pavillion for foood again.. wif wat.. thats my favorite jco donut and irresible donuts and yummy donut that i had ever tried. but this time i am better din ta pau back to penang … haha.. i bought 12 donuts for RM 20.. is de nicest of all.. this time i pandai a bit buy different flavors for try but i know i bought mine favorite choc peppermint the most hahha.. cause really love the cooling mood and flavors..

Many of my frens said is nice .. and also is my Idol favorite as well.. is real nice.. trust me.. in Pavillion ..the only place i know i can find jco donuts .. haha. not kl ppl .. soli ya.. other place i am not too sure lo … dunkin i saw many la but jco hardly lo..

wat i bought .. nearly 10 flavors.. wat i remember got snow white la, banana choc, choc peppermint, tiramisu, oreo, nuts, cheese and many more.. all over is all nice.. except for the cheese.. maybe the smell is too heavy kua

Price: RM 20 for 12
Taste: 5/5

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