dinner at MAn Wah, Greenlane

Had my diner in Man wah at Green lane just at the back of Genting Coffeeshop. This coffeeshop has many local delicious food which covers Penang Laksa, Curry Mee and more. If you have a chance perhaps can have a taste buds at there. Food there is nice as well. What I had dere for my Sunday is really unbelieving. Food is really delighting. In less than RM 30 we can have an oishi dinner and a very full temptation dinner dere.

Firstly, I ordered Pei Par Arp which the Pei Par Arp is kinda hard but is really nice. I think they called them Beijing Duck.. which the taste is nice.. but maybe the uncle fried the duck too many times so is hard to chew. Haha

Next comes my aunty orders that’s is the Sabah Pan Mee, the Pan Mee is the noodles are flat one which is quite nice. One complain is just not enough of Sabah Pan Mee. For me, I still prefer the one I took in Sabah Kah Soh Pan Mee which is one of the famous Pan Mee which I think is really nice.. Wat is the rating by my aunt? Em… quite satisfying 3/5

Mum ordered Sa Poh Fan where she say is nice. Sa Poh Fan had many choices as well where you can choose wat to put as your ingredients. Mum choose chicken sah poh fan where the sah poh fan is cooked with chicken and then there are mushrooms, and they put black kicap, egg and some Chinese sausage inside. Then it is cooked in a sah poh pot where this claims to be the sah poh fan. My mum say is really nice and cooked well where there is no hangus smell on the sah poh fan.. where in some places u can find de hangus smell below the sap poh fan. Wat mum rate it? Oops.. is 4/5

Dad ordered curry mee. This shop the curry mee for the morning session is different wif the evening session .. dad says the morning session is nicer caompare to the night one. For this curry mee, they put chicken meat and some jiu hu..and there is no prawns.. haiz.. which I usually don like curry mee without prawns. I prefer those with prawns and lots of jiu hu. The taste is ok.. but not as nice as the morning one.. they have “ ham(Hokkien)” as well but we din put cause don love them. My dad rates them only 2/5

Lastly is me. Chicken but wifout rice. The chicken is quite nice.. and very fresh.. overall the taste is ok.. just pity they don have the steam chicken only … haiz.. Rate them now by me.. 4/5

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