Chin Koay Café Laksa

Chin Koay Café in 3rd floor Prangin Mall had caught my attention on makan after shopping at Prangin Mall, I am a big fans of one Penang famous food which is Laksa which is one of my most famous food.. I had tried many place laksa. Em, the laksa here is not much special except it it kinda very sour only. If you are a fans of sour, you might love them. As for me, I don really like dem as it is too sour and spicy.. Ifound out they put too much of chilly paddy that caught my lips burn..hahaha and perhaps they put in the chillies like they do not need to pay for it .. Gosh .. Real spicy .. Other than that, everything else is fine and nice..

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM3

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