Birthday @ Nandos

This year bday is not much special. I did not had much celebration as I plan to go KL and have them.. So, before hand, I received some gift from frens as well… the most memorable is a special message from someone I don expect that he will send a message to me. Thanks!. Thanks my sis as she bought me Body Shop frangant and a big cake. Perhaps I should take all my bday gift up again..haha…I had my birthday lunch in Nandos. Though not much choice of food in Nandos and time constrain that’s the reason I choose Nandos,. We reach there about 11.20 am and a bit liucky cause not much customers..We ordered 2 sets of quarter chicken set as well as 2 cups of drinks. And HP bought me a little small blueberry cake. Thanks HP.

The food delivery is kinda slow. Not much customers they took us about 20 minutes to wait for the dish. Gosh.. That was terrible.. And we had been sitting there to wait and the services is really not in par compared I went there for the last 2- 3 months ago. The food is still ok. Same as the time I went last time… and is still oishi, so is ok lo

Wat we ordered.. Hehe.. Lets see, me have this one.. Quarter chicken wif two side lines which are … peri fries and salad.. Looks yummy right and is nice to serve with the peri sauce which u can choose de flavors from the garlic sauce to the hot peri sauce… depending how hot hot can take. Hehe..

While HP had the same just he had the different sidelines. Should be nice as well lo. Em, after makan, pay the bill and headed back to the office. Thanks for the cute gift HP. I love them so much.

Taste: 4/5
Price : About RM 50
Service: 2/5

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