Pak Hock Nasi Ayam

I am crazy of Chicken rice nowadays… and my dad recommended me this one.. Kedai Kopi Pan Hock Nasi Ayam.. along the town @ Jalan Pati Tali. It is claimed as one of the famous chicken rice..for decades.. but for me.. I don think it is nice. It might be very very nice.. at the past ..ok let see.. the taste is moderate not nice till I can claim is real oishi.. The chicken is freshly cooked and quite cheap. Half chicken is RM11. Is kinda cheap now.

The chicken is not that smooth but is nice as well.. moderate taste and the service is nice.. the uncle is real professional in IT stuff as well as cutting the chicken. So pro le.. haha.

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 20 include drinks and lo bak
Service: 4/5

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