Hong Kong Restorant – Fish Head Bihun

In Penang Mc Callister Road HK Restaurant, em.. wat I wanna say bout dere.. went there to have a try some local delicious recommended food by my aunty. Em..i ordered the Fish Head Bihun over there. Em.. the restaurant is air-cond.. but cleanliness ar.. not really clean lo.. maybe because is an old restorant .. that’s why is not that clean kua.. hehe.. Em, the fish head bihun is delicious.

The bihun u can choose.. I prefer bihun cause is not that fat.. haha.. u can chose the types of noodles you prefer- em…like loh shu fan ( which is called as mouse noodles) , yellow mee and bihun.. They also have 2 types of soup to choose which you can choose to have tom yam or either normal pure soup. So, for me I ordered the normal soup with bihun. Em.. they cook them separately means they cook 1 bowl by 1 bowl. Usually this type of cooking is nicer than the normal one where they cook a big pot of soup, And the fish you can choose if you wan the fried fish or the normal fish cook with soup.

Overall the food is nice.. oishi desu. .. it is open only in the evening about 5 pm till at night

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM4.50

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