Wong Kok Yummy Black Pepper Seafood Set & Mango Desserts

Wong Kok is famous…for yummy egg tarts and de pastries.. neverless.. it is also famous for his western as well.. i usually have my lunch dere as it is not only having reasonable price and environment.. yummy.

-Black Pepper Seafood Set-

It is quite ok the price RM9.90 for the set and RM 11.90 if i am not mistaken to include tea or coffee.. but this time, i wan try de ice blended ..is mango ice blended.. having a nice mango taste

-Mango Ice Blended-
Wong kok In penanG have 3 outlets.. but i love the one in Gurney Plaza Basement just a few shops aways from CHicken rice shop. .. Or u can find in Queensbay Mall at Basement..beside Johnny steamboaT

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