RM6 Shark Fin Soup

Shark Fin

Had ever think to try RM 6 Shark Fin soup.. hehe.. kinda.. don belief it? is nice and yummy and teh taste is the same as the one you ordered for RM 20-30.. haha. the taste firstt of all is nice jus not having the pure original shark fin.. and that’s the reason it is cheap!!

The aunty of this store had been selling many years back and when i am a kid i started taste her shark fin soup and i never resist whenever i went to the shop. past 2 to 3 years, thsi stall is in Paya Terubong at 1997 Restorant and now this store had moved to Pulau Tikus and the little hawker store is situated opposite the Peng Hua school Food court. It is very worth to eat as RM 6 for a yummy shark fin soup with lots of crab meats.. yummy…

Shark Fin

– The Closer View Of Shark Fin Soup-

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