Coffee Bean Lychee Delights

Special drinks from coffee bean, I tried today.. surfing up in Coffee Bean in earli morning.. thats my first tIMe.. i brought my laptop to Gutney Plaza.. and thinking to find somewhere to surf.. as i wan to check my mails as well as sending mails out.. so went to Gurney as early as 10 am.. and ended up in Coffee Bean surfing for an hour..

Since .. i am not really wanna drink Coffee.. i ordered the CNY special drink Lychee one.. is Lychee ice blended.. is kinda sweet and cold.. and maybe with the aircond dere i am more cold.. HAHA..

Is nice and the taste is refreshing.. Having the lychee taste.. Pure lychee taste.. YUMMY..!!I din put cream as i am allergy to them .. Get a try..
– My Lychee Ice Blended w/o cream-

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