Melaka Street Restaurant dishes up a mix of Nyonya (also known as Peranakan Fare) and local favourites providing for a wide array of rich and unique traditional Malaysian fare.
Nyonya food is a marvelous fusion of flavours combining the influences of both Malay and Chinese cuisine. Invented by the Peranakan, a people whose heritage stems from the intermarriage between the early Chinese settlers and the local Malays as far back as the 15th century.
Nyonya cuisine is a combination of the culinary skills and tastes of these two cultures making use of Chinese ingredients and wok cooking techniques with blended spices and herbs used by local Malays. The result? A highly imaginative, tasty, rich and unique traditional Malaysian cuisine.

Melaka Street Restaurant
No.34, Jalan SS2/66, Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor, Malaysia
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 603-7873-6232
Fax: 603-7873-6232


Is time again for food and this round we are going to Melaka Street. Melaka Steet is one of the restaurant which is reasonable priced and what is more important is the taste. The food is simply authentic and it is usually packed during dinner time. We ordered the Chicken Wrapped in Foil which is … [Read more...]