As the world becomes more weight conscious, many are looking for options that still satisfy the sweet tooth. Cake, cookie, ice cream are so delicious but also packed with fat calories, sugar, carbohydrates etc that has little nutrition benefit.

Well now, there is great alternative that has become very popular – FROZEN YOGURT (Froyo). Not only yogurt has lower calorie, it also contains rich nutrients that aid in digestion and reduce lactose intolerance.

Location Giant Kota Damansara; Giant Kelana Jaya; Gurney Plaza; Queensbay Mall


I spotted this little kiosk in Queensbay during my trip back to Penang itself. It is similar with Tutti Fruiti where they do serve the frozen yogurt. The kiosk is well located at the basement floor at the north wing of the mall. It is just a few blocks away from the Chicken Rice Shop. KiwiBerry … [Read more...]