Pappa Rich is not a wonders anymore for locals. The high-class dining experience and a chatting place for many people is another choice aside the Ipoh Old Town Coffee. The restaurant is mainly serving the local Malaysian delights. The restaurant is simply cozy and it serves from snacks, main dishes … [Read more...]


Genting Coffeshop in Island Glades is one of the famous places where you may find hawker delights. The coffeeshop is opened during day time which covers the morning session till late afternoon. One of the famous delights there is the Asam Laksa. The coffeshop is at the corner and just beside it is … [Read more...]

Pisang [email protected] School Road, Green Lane

As far as I can remember, the goreng pisang stall has been around for a long time even way back during my schooling days. I would always make my way through the side entrance after the extra curriculum activities and head down the road just for the goreng pisang. Till today, the stall remains … [Read more...]

dinner at MAn Wah, Greenlane

Had my diner in Man wah at Green lane just at the back of Genting Coffeeshop. This coffeeshop has many local delicious food which covers Penang Laksa, Curry Mee and more. If you have a chance perhaps can have a taste buds at there. Food there is nice as well. What I had dere for my Sunday is really … [Read more...]