Meals @ THean Chun, Ipoh

Thean Chun is one of the famous meal place in Ipoh and they are famous for kinda lots of food. One of it is the Cha Tan. The Cha tan is different until everytime I am in Ipoh, I will surely go for the Cha Tan. The Cha Tan is leong cha Tan which they cooked the leong cha with the egg and the egg will … [Read more...]

Thean chun Cafe

Thean Chun Cafe is the next stop in Ipoh, Junee and John took me to this shop.. it is said to be famous for the hor fan as well as for the popiah.. em.. so we went here. .. Thean Chun coffee shop at the town of Ipoh. I have no idea how to go along to this shop. Perhaps u can try and ask fr route to … [Read more...]